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About the Student Awards

We want to recognise young talented students currently studying 3D design and Photography at University or College, and also guide them to go forth and establish themselves in the industry. Our vision is to make the Domeble Symetri Student Awards a prestigious annual event to encourage and help students around the world unleash their creativity while giving them access to the best assets to work with.

Who We Are

Domeble is a premium Rights Managed stock library for photographic backplates, 360° HDRI domes and VR environments, tailored towards the automotive creative arena and product visualisation sectors.

As experts in CGI, 3D and VR production, and with an emphasis on the evolving requirements of visual communication, we support advertising agencies, manufacturers, creative production studios, and artists in producing creative and technical solutions that showcase leading brands and products.


Symetri collaborate with innovative companies within the automotive, construction, architecture and industrial sectors to optimise workflow, facilitate data management and improve quality throughout the design life cycle. With over 450 skilled employees and 150,000 daily users across Northern Europe, we have provided our clients with expert guidance covering everything from 3D modelling visualisation and simulation to Product Lifecycle Management and Building Information Modelling, since 1989.

Messages from our award founders

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